Sekcja 2 – Feasibility study

Feasibility study

Realizing a project takes more than a good idea. You need to know whether the idea is doable! We answer that question with a feasibility study that’s based on solid research and analysis.

The Feasibility Study serves as an assessment if a project is feasible, how long it may take and how many and which resources are required. We gather real feedback from future users and make recommendations based on our expertise to help you take the best decision which idea to prototype.

We have an in depth understanding of the latest technologies as well as emerging markets in the digital age. Therefore we will propose the technology stack that will do the job for you.

Sekcja 3 – Design


We sketch the idea & do mock-ups to help envision products that will be of your customers’ need.

Starting at an early stage, we sketch your ideas so you can get a real feel for it. From here, we take your feedback, rework, test, and improve on repeat, until we all agree to go on.

We recognize the importance of designing user-centric solutions and believe that UX is the key to develop high-quality products for the needs of the customers. Together with you we translate the draft into strategic goals.

Sekcja 5 – Showcase & Prototype

Showcase & Prototype

We implement show cases & develop a prototype to envision, demonstrate and test the idea at it’s best.

Success needs to be forecasted. We will integrate all suitable data in a showcase to demonstrate how your idea may work and detect potential for improvement.

This results in sound requirements for a prototype. With the prototype we will develop what you need to envision the best solution coming out of your idea. Therefore, we test the prototype with the target audience and gather direct feedback for validation and further improvement.

Sekcja 6 – Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

We do full-stack development to launch your MVP with focus on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Block Chain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Security.

Together we develop your idea in form of a Minimum Viable Product – short MVP – which is the most pruned and yet the best version of the product that can be released in the market.

Our team has the experience and necessary skills to provide full-stack development, starting from requirements engineering, through the UX/UI design and ending with a web or mobile application.

With our experience leveraging an in-depth understanding of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and Security matters and partnerships we are the right solution partner for your success.

About us

We are proud to be a part of Meelogic Group

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